Master Fader 5.2

Master Fader 5.2 Since the release of Master Fader 5, a big part of the DL Series, the AXIS System/DC16, has been stuck with the previous release. This unfortunately kept alot of great features and capabilites out of reach for the users of that system. Many of you have given extensive feedback on the lack of Master Fader 5 support for AXIS, and it has not gone unnoticed. While it may have taken more time than we had hoped, we are happy to now offer support for the AXIS system with the release of Master Fader 5.2.

While digging into the DC16 and what it would take to bring it forward, our engineering team made available a host of new workflow-enhancing features. These new features not only add access to the remaining available parameters to match Master Fader’s access but gives the power-user more flexibility in workflow customization and accessing parameters at a faster pace.

Lastly, we want to send a massive thank you to you, the entire DL user community, for your patience and feedback and look forward to bringing you more great releases in the future.

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